Here are five luxe digs that have all the right stuff. Clink the cocktail glasses — it’s time for a Cosmopolitan and some metrospective. Ready? Here’s the flash that can be had for cash.


Prudential Texas Properties, Penthouse—The Vendôme, The Dave Perry-Miller Team, Mark Cain,
214-378-3683 and Trey Bounds, 214-378-3692      6,900,000

When it comes to architecture, a glass swimming pool suspended from the ceiling of a glamorous penthouse surely has to raise the bar for the latest in unique and chic. But that’s precisely what a noted architect planned for this 12,000 square-foot space in the highly coveted Vendôme high-rise. Such places immediately call to mind lofty price tags and this swanky listing proves that sometimes they’re worth it. The suspended glass pool is only one of the exceptional details planned for this extraordinary space — and all of the architectural plans can be passed on to new owners. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for creating a Manhattan-chic apartment that makes a splash that’s sky high.


Virginia Cook, 5912 Averill Way, Rigg, Martinez and Yoder, Dana Rigg, Nancy Martinez, and Dan Yoder, 972.381.6705    2,990,000

This house gives new meaning to “the great escape.” With 24 rooms — one for every hour of the day — there’s no shortage of places to find respite from the outside fray. This light-drenched home typifies comfort and simplicity with just the appropriate degree of surface embellishment. We suggest you settle in, enjoy the magnificent pool, situate yourself in one of five bedrooms, and luxuriate in a master bath that shows off better than most resorts. It has mosaic inserts, an elevated oval spa tub, and a not-to-be-missed alabaster chandelier. (Every bathroom should have one, n’est-ce pas?) However, if you’re in a more reserved mood, there’s plenty more from which to choose. There’s also a 24-hour security and emergency system — and, if any pesky winged creatures begin to impair your fun, simply turn on the Mosquito-Nix. It will banish all unpleasant critters and leave you in peace to contemplate which room to roam into next. The music room, for instance? Pool cabana?  Just choose — don’t be shy. You simply can’t lose. So, don’t worry. Be happy.


Briggs-Freeman Real Estate Brokerage, Erin Mathews, 214.353.5117, 3909 Shenandoah Street, Highland Park 5,700,000

The name of the street may seem straight out of American lore, but the house speaks with an accent that’s distinctively European. Tucked into a quiet block along Turtle Creek, this meticulously renovated 1930s-era gem is one Highland Park’s best. It’s tasteful. It’s understated. And it conveys an achingly harmonious sense of style. It offers five bedrooms, five and one-half baths, formals, a family room, media and game rooms, a guest house, and — of course — a sparkling pool. This
is a magnificent property in a superb location. It was among the best when it was built and it has enjoyed the luxury of maintaining its inherent charm. Not the least of which are four panels of original stained glass. This exceptional residence is punctuated by a marvelous cadence of style and [dare we say it?] class. The real thing. Not that nouveau stuff. Nothing faux to fight about here.


About Consulture: Think 360 Degrees.
Consulture covers the gamut. From developing business processing solutions to fine-tuning legal negotiations to introducing your brand-new product to the correct demographic segment. And let us not forget: everything in between. You’ve just found people who find you and your product interesting and marketable. You’ve found Consulture.

We’re here to help — with everything. Consulture can help you shoulder the load. It’s just become okay to think outside the box. Full circle, in fact.

Hey, you. You with the big ideas that need to be seen. Let’s get after it. And fast.

The Whole Ball of Wax.

When it comes to Consulture, think two things at once: “improvisational” and “fusion.” We’re quick on our feet. Wingtips with a bit of loft. We’ll come up with ideas you’ve never considered before. And that’s a promise.

And, secondly, feel comfortable with the notion of “fusion.” Consulture will become an integral part of your team and collaborate in ways that will make you feel we’ve been part of your business since its inception. Let’s merge and put some velocity behind those ideas that have been lying dormant.

We’re Creative, but We’re Also All Business.

With Consulture, your business is safe. Just because we’re “creative” and have
good ideas doesn’t mean we’ll be showing up with pizza on our shirts after a 2 a.m. brainstorming session. We’re all business. Put simply, you can count on Consulture
to deliver the highest level of honesty, professionalism and integrity as well as best- of-breed technology solutions and highly innovative ways of implementing them.

sidebar: “gol dang”

[frequently overhead outside executive suites after a Consulture presentation].

BIO for Radio   |   Television Personality


MARGO REYMUNDO, Los Angeles, California

Once you realize Margo Reymundo’s surname means “King of the World,” things begin to make a lot more sense. With tremendous innate talent, classical music training, and looks that have won her roles on Broadway and television, you begin to realize this woman occupies a vantage point that’s not just impressive — it’s an homage to a rare combination of terrific genetics and a work ethic that’s unrivaled.

Margo is beautiful. That’s articulating the obvious. She’s talented. And that’s also articulating the obvious. But she’s also someone who can be counted to “deliver” each and every time she’s hired for an assignment. She has a track record that proves it.

Here are some highlights: Theatre in New York, both on- and off-Broadway; a self-titled CD that boasts three charted “top five” singles and a number one music video; voiceover work for a host of Fortune 100 companies, including American Airlines, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, and Coors; appearances in national television commercials; and, with an inimitable, raspy voice, she’s been first choice for work on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” She’s also the voice of Gabrielle in ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” video game. If that’s not enough, she’s fluent in English and Spanish, making her the perfect choice for companies looking to reach out to new demographics.

It’s little surprise that she was chosen as the Morning Invasion co-host with Joey Medina and Nico Jones on Latino 96.3 in Los Angeles. The woman is no stranger to a microphone — she’s been singing jazz for years, including an impressive history of performing with some of the “greats” in the business as well as her current work with an ensemble she refers to as “Down-Tempo Sexy Organica.”

Margo isn’t just unapologetic about her sophisticated sensuality — she revels in it. A sexy blend of two cultures, she’s an irresistible package that makes her an ideal choice for programming that’s looking to welcome new listeners into a growing demographic segment. There’s no doubt about it: The woman has what it takes. And then some. So, listen up! Ms. Reymundo is entering the building. In heels, no less. It’s a safe prediction that things won’t be the same.

TOM FORD — Estée Lauder Launch

True to his reputation for fast-paced re-tooling of the exotic and exquisite, Tom Ford has brought new brilliance to the grande dame of cosmetics, Estée Lauder. Their new alliance has done nothing less than perform a bit of alchemy when it comes to capturing beauty in a bottle.

While Estée Lauder enjoys an unrivaled reputation in the cosmetics industry, Ford appeared on the scene and turned up the volume, making the already notable name in cosmetics go exponential when it comes to offering a sexy new demeanor.

Ford lost no time in re-christening “Youth Dew” with a sensuous nod toward sexy disclosure by assigning it the revealing soubriquet, “Youth Dew Amber Nude.” The collection, containing rich shades of lip color, eye color, foundation, powder, bronzer and nail polish, is pure magic.

In a word, it’s one-hundred percent Tom Ford.

Client: Neiman Marcus

PUBLIC RELATIONS — An upscale menswear store

Suiting Up at Pockets: A Custom Wardrobe was Never So Easy

Everything about Pockets Menswear in Highland Park Village resonates with a visual shimmer and elegance that’s the result of a carefully honed aesthetic. To put it bluntly, if they’ve taken the trouble to seat you in a Swedish cinema lounge chair designed by Gunida Allard, they’re certain to be on target when it comes to fashion. In fact, it’s quite clear that their carefully selected clothing is not a mere accumulation of garments gleaned from a dutiful buyer’s trip. The space has the appearance of a lovingly curated collection of marvelously detailed vestments selected with an artist’s eye for both quality and style. Note the word “vestments.”

The usual verbiage, in this case, simply does not apply. Pockets is the place to come when you’re ready to establish a rapport with a knowledgeable clothier and begin to take both yourself and your attire seriously. Once you’ve discovered that people look at you — and they do — you may as well take advantage of the situation.

If you decide to take that important step into sartorial maturity, it would be wise to consult Fred Bessinger. Fred studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and subsequently became a designer for Halston. His path eventually led him to Dallas’ Pockets where he’s been assisting the well-heeled and well-connected for over a decade. He’ll reel off an encyclopedic selection of fabrics and styles and deliver the information with the grace of a Casals recital at the legendary Camelot White House. Mr. Bessinger, like his clothing, is impeccable.

One specific arena that allows Fred’s talents to shine is his knowledge of custom-made suits. He may lead you to Oxxford or to Zegna, but he’ll allow you to call the shots, all the while offering you the benefit of his educated eye. The array of fabric he’ll show you is stunning. The attention to detail is equally marvelous. However, the one surprise you’ll have “in store” is the ease with which a custom-made garment can be ordered. The days of weeks of waiting are over. You’ll be in a dressing room with Fred and his master tailor, Richard Olivares, for approximately fifteen minutes.

It’s quick. It’s painless. It’s marvelously fun. And, lastly, you’ll look better than you ever thought possible. Chances are, you’ll decide that life was never so good. Give it a shot. You can reach Fred Bessinger at 214.368.1167. He’s waiting to give you the grand tour. And it will be grand. I suggest that you settle into the first cinema chair you find and relish the show.


Dominique Cohen is quick to define her work in seductive terms. Her tagline, “distinctive, feminine, radiant,” makes it clear she’s highly attuned to the ripple effect her jewelry is likely to set in motion. Cohen designs with a sensuousness merged with a timeless aesthetic.

Top that off with a ferocity for perfection and it’s apparently a combination that pays off. Her work, sold from an “appointment only” location in Los Angeles, is seen adorning celebrities on the red carpet, in films and on television. Ms. Cohen’s initial interest was an exploration of black and white photography and mixed-media work. She enjoyed accolades for her early endeavors before translating her eye for visual detail to an 18k-gold and gemstone collection that debuted to rave reviews.

Cohen, relentless as ever, states, “I hope my aesthetic sensibility, attention to detail, and love of texture and color combine to create jewelry that strikes a chord within women. I want to assist them in the celebration of their individuality and beauty.” With Cohen at the helm, one would expect nothing less.

Client: Neiman Marcus


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